Kirkham Ranch

I have always dreamed of being able to do a western themed shoot. I love looking through Cowboy Magazine and Cowboy and Indians Magazine and drooling over the images. But a dream it would be until…..

Liz asked me to come out and photograph her and her pony, Doc. I said I would love too.  She said she would have all the ponies shined up. I told her she might as well have JW cleaned up to. She replied she would do her best.

I was a little nervous because this was out of my wheel house; far from shooting graduating seniors. Plus Liz happens to be a Stetson model, so I had a standard to shoot for. I only hoped I could live up to the expectation. You could say that I was out over my head.  I welcomed the push to expand my craft and stretch me beyond my comfort level.

After looking at the images I was pretty pleased. I felt honored to be able to photography JW, Liz, & Doc. Here are some of my favorites.

JW & Liz thank you for the opportunity. Love you guys.

Big Jim