New Look

A new year, a new season, a new look. I have been, for a long time now, trying to get this stinking blog thing going. Frustration, exhaustion, and disappointment was the result of hours of toiling through all the tutorials, youtube videos, and hacking until I just through in the towel.

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Sometimes I like “Nothing”

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in mid-nights, in cups of coffee, in inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife? Hmm, a year in a life.

In an age where time is rapidly increasing, we seem to want everything faster! I just took my infant, 4-month-old computer in for an upgrade because it needed to run faster. Employees at Chick-Fil-A are greeting us personally in the drive-through to pre-order our already “fast food,” pushing us through the line faster than “fast.”  I DVR television programs so I can fast-forward through time-consuming commercials. It’s only the beginning of September and Christmas decorations are already displayed throughout the stores.  Why? Because we can’t wait! We need the future to get here faster than it’s pace! Faster! Faster! Faster!

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Life is a Gift and Time is Precious

Welcome to the world Luke Edward, we have been awaiting your arrival. I love itty bitty babies. It was not so long ago that Ms. P was born and it seems that the small time goes way to fast. We are always rushing to that next big achievement in their lives and the next big thing is that they are growing up and out the door. Jayce Chandler, my oldest just returned from a 10 day mission trip to Brazil and I just think how I wish I could have those moments back. Photographing Luke just reinforced the urgency to make time  for our children. As adults we think we can’t afford to take off from work or make time for our kids. The fact of the matter is you can’t afford not too. Life does not respect who you are or what you are. It does not care how much money you have or how big your house is or what kind of car you drive. Unlike the  car wash or laundry mat you can never purchase more time, it just keeps on going. Life is a gift and time is precious. Make sure you hug those babies today and look them straight in the eyes and tell them you love them…

Peace Out!



Prom Makeover

I have worked with Noemi Gallegos at Define Fashion on several of my shoots and she has always exceeded my expectation. She is very professional and passionate about work. Define Fashion is a newly created entity but you can find them on Facebook at DefineFashion. Define Fashion is running their current special for the prom season. Have your hair, makeup and manicure at your location all for 250.00. That is a fabulous price knowing that you do not have to commute all over town and wait in lines to get ready for prom. You can feel like a star by being pampered by your personal assistant.  Reserve your Prom Makeover today.


Model: Brianna Shaker
MUA: Noemi Gallegos
Photographer: Iconica Studios


Dianna -Senior Session Sneak Peek

One typical trap a photographer can fall into is being to comfortable. Settling in a comfort zone kills creativity. Even though we as artist create our own style, we must continue to re-event our self  while at the same time staying true to who we are. There has to be at least one defining element that sets us apart from the rest.

I am NOT a Photoshop artist I am a photographer so you will not see images that are unreal looking. I do use Photoshop and Lightroom to punch up the basic image profile but I will never give someone plastic looking skin or these crazy crystal looking eyes. The  little difference I am talking about could be  just adding or subtracting a simple element from the shoot.

Last year I invested in a 85 1.2 prime lens. Prime lens basically means it is not a zoom lens. You wanna zoom you just move closer or you wanna zoom out you step backwards.  Actually, there is more work involved in composing the image. This was quite an investment to keep in a bag because I was comfortable with what I knew. Up until Friday I always shot with a 24-70 2.8. This allowed me sit, in my comfort zone, and never move. So Friday I put on my 85 and was determined, in the words of Tim Gunn, to make it work.  I only had like 1 hour so there was no time to be switching lens and making changes. That was the simple difference I decided to make this day.

Friday – I meet Dianna down the road a piece for a late afternoon shoot. It was totally overcast sky so I mounted one speed light just for a little kick as rim light. Armed with Canon 5d mk 1, yes that old technology, and my new 85 1.2 we got started. I quickly realized how much I loved Dianna’s simple beauty. It was just natural and innocent. She rocked this cowgirl look just as if she was raised on a ranch. It was so much fun. Here are few shots from the session.



Saturday – we took a trip to Galveston and hung out around the warehouse area were we found nice rugged spot for that vintage look. Dianna look so classy and chic in her spring spec dress. I thought it fit the location perfectly.



We finished the day on the beach. I mean you cant go to Galveston and not go on the beach. We had a lot of fun and shot until there was not more light.



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